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Indian Super foods

A super food is a nutrient –rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being of individuals. Talks about phytonutrients, antioxidants, curcumin, gingerol, omega-3 fatty acids are on the peak now. It gained popularity now a days.

Is that true? Or a marketing term which mesmerizes the people towards those products. Whatever it is!

The following article will surely give an idea about the speciality of Indian super foods.


The richness of spices and condiments:

Indian soil is filled with natural resources. It is filled with different kinds of spices, in which most of them had its origin in India,

Indian Super foods & Indian recipes are never framed without spices. Every food item which is been prepared contains one or more specific functional component extracted from spices.

Longback the Westeners talk about superfoods , Indian mothers started cooking at their own traditional kitchens. Turmeric latte, the yellow milk made with turmeric and pepper, which gained it’s great importance now a days, was long known even by illiterate mothers of India, to cure their sick children suffering from cough and cold. The curcumin content of turmeric which has a lot of therapeutic values like boosting immunity, providing Vitamin c, lowering cholestremic effect etc.

Many Indian medicines were given along with honey, which is not just a sweetener, cures skin ulcers, gastro intestinal problems, eczema, psoriasis, etc. The pain relieving gingerols, anti-septic, eugenol rich cloves, blood pressure reducing cinnamon, anti – diabetic fenugreek seeds, potassium rich fennel seeds, fibre, cymene, terpenoids and MUFA rich cumin seeds, vitamin and mineral rich bay leaves are all in the list.

Coriander seeds promote good cholesterol and increase metabolism. Green chillies  can eliminate free radicals from the body , while red chillies provides capsaicin which could speed up the individual’s metabolism.

Fruits and greens prove to be in the list of super foods.

Amla can replace apples. Calcium rich moringa, antioxidant rich pineapple, potassium rich and energy packed bananas, calorie rich sesame oil etc and the list goes on.

Ghee, curd also in the plates of Indian thali meals.

The inclusion of ghee, curd in our food is identified time immemorial. The intake of coconut is indispensable for all Indian gravies.

Why don’t we conclude all Indian foods are super foods either market term or any, and not only mesmerizing the people with tofu, avacados, broccoli etc.